How to combat anxiety?

Anxiety is mental condition in which a person feels uneasiness, worry and fears. It can be mild or severe and your day to day routine and living styles can increase or decrease the condition. Human behaviors and attitude towards this mental disorder matter a lot.

If you are an anxiety patient since long and want to fight the condition, here is a perfect guide for you.

Good Quality Sleep

Remember that insomnia is one of the major causes of anxiety. Research showed that people having sleep less than 8 hours are more prone to anxiety attacks. To live anxiety free life, you need to ensure good quality sleep.

Take a deep breath.

Psychologists say that when you’re feeling anxious, you need to take deep breaths as the first and foremost step to reduce it. Diaphragmatic breathing is the powerful and most effective methods to reduce or eliminate anxiety altogether. Slow intake and letting go of your breaths can help you stay more calm and anxiety free.

Confess that you’re Anxious!

You should accept the feeling of anxiousness as it’s a reality and would not harm you if you try to overcome it in a right way. Some people do not want to confess that they are suffering from anxiety attacks. Hence, they do not take any step to suppress the condition. This state of mind further worsen the scenario.

Drink more!

Studies reveal that during anxiety you need to drink water more and more. The exact mechanism is yet unknown how water deals with your anxiety internally. But for whatever mechanism, it is believed that water casts soothing effects on your body functions that helps to combat the situation.

Share what you feel!

You need to discuss the things that bothering you or actually put you in this state. Although it’s difficult to cope with the situation when it’s right in hand, but discussing and sharing it with your loved ones really make the difference.

Promote Positive Self-Talking!

Anxiety can transform you in a negative talker. Talk to yourself that you have all the courage to cope with the situation, no matter what!

Don’t Over-think!

Sometimes things get harder in life, but it doesn’t mean you get harder too. Show a flexible attitude towards life and do not over think the things. Remind yourself, Best is yet to happen. Nothing lasts long; worst situations also come with expiry date.

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